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Blue Box & Pilot Ladder Safety on High Sided Ships
The "Blue Box" suction pad is used to secure the bottom of the accommodation ladder to the ship's side and insures the accommodation ladder rests firmly against the ships side in a cost effective, safe and practical manner.
The Blue Box operates from free supplied deck air at 6-7 Kg/cm2 the unit is made from non ferrous materials therefor is resistant to corrosion, it is light weight at approximately 6 kgs, can be stored easily, is portable and robust. This simple device can solve many problems associated with high free board vessels and is an added safety device which may save injury to pilots and crew alike. The unit can also be used for other applications where a point of attachment is required on any flat surfaces, it can also be used as a lifting device where no attacment point is available, i.e. lifting steel plates etc.  
o Higher safety at pilot transfer
o No more uncontrolled movements at sea
o Usable on different materials
Range of applications

Stabilization of accomodation ladder
o Stabilization of sailors seat
o Fixture of objects
o Variable range of applications
o Power supply: compressed air (without electrical energy!)
o Pressure range 25 to 102 PSI
o If compressed air supply is interrupt, holding force = 0 N
o Compact solution
o Weight only 7,0 kg
o Most economic consumtpion of compressed air 26,4 NI/min
o Right angled holding force about 3200 N at 80& Vacuum
o Easy to handle
1. Connect one end of the air-pipe with the onboard air-supply (50 - 100 PSI = 2,5 - 7 bar)
2. Connect the second end (1) of the air-pipe with the Blue Box-Connector (2)
3. Put the Blue Box onto the hull and turn the switch (3) to on-positionThe Blue Box works and a vacuum will be generated
4. You can now tie a rope to the pink ring bolt (4) to finally secure the gangway / pilot ladder
5. To remove the Blue Box, turn the swtich (3) in off-position
The vacuum will break down so you can remove the Blue Box

Yellow pilot ladder magnet

Magnets for pilot ladders (for clamping, positioning and holding)
Ned Marine services B.V. hull, pilot ladder & spill boom magnet
Ned Marine services B.V. Hull Magnet has been specially developed to make life safer for sea harbour pilots by providing removable anchor points for the ladder on the ship’s side.
These Hull Magnets, designed to withstand aggressive marine environments, have no internal moving parts or entry points for sea water – a natural enemy of neodymium magnet material.
Powder-coating in safety yellow for high visibility, and resin encapsulation of magnetic elements makes the product seaworthy.
In addition they are lightweight at around 4 kgs, yet immensely strong clamping force even through many layers of paint and salt scale and grime on a ship’s hull. A delrin roller makes the Hull Magnet simple to attach and release.
Hull magnets are also used to anchor floating spill booms and maintenance vessels and are also known as Boom Magnets.  
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