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Our LightVest offers the solution for anyone working in dark places.
Not only visibility but a clear vision for yourself without a flashlight so you can work with both hands.
  • LED-lightning
  • 7 different light intensities 
  • No need for flashlights
  • Charged within 2 hours (220v, carcharger optional)
  • +/- 8 hours workpleasure with a fully charged battery 
Nightworkers, police, fireworkers, ambulance, emergency responders and services, militairy, mechanics, construction workers, repairers, technicians, nightshifts, underground workers, seamen, oil platform workers, chauffeurs, farmers, gardeners, train drivers, conductor, loggers, handymen, plumbers, central heating repairers, guards, nurses
Please contact us at info@nedmarine.com if you require any more information