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In the beginning of 2011, Ned Marine Services BV launched a revolutionary product in the commercial maritime and offshore industry: Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System (USAF)
The USAF system that Ned Marine Services BV provides is the first system ever of its kind that has proven its results on commercial seagoing vessels of over 100m.
USAF is an Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System based on a new, patented, technology.
The system is considered as a breakthrough in the world of marine anti-fouling as it is 100% eco-friendly and requires far less maintenance compared with conventional anti-fouling coatings.
In 2009 the first tests where done on a General Cargo vessel
In May 2011, after a sailing period of over 2 years in the Mediterranean Sea, she went for a dry-docking survey in Montenegro. The results of USAF during this docking were very positive! No significant fouling such as barnacles, mussels, etc. was present and last but not least, Nova Cura reported a huge reduction in fuel consumption!
Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling turns out to be "the sound solution"
USAF models:
- Anti-fouling system for the shell and bottom             USAF st (single transducer)
- Anti-fouling system for the boxcoolers                      USAF dt (double transducer)
- Anti-fouling system for multiple cooling systems        USAF mt (multiple transducer) 
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